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Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) is the best LMS for restaurants, fitness, franchise, and retail.

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User Experience & Branding

Wisetail’s LMS is custom-branded to fit your organization’s look and feel. Our software encourages learners to interact with your content, take a deep dive into their learning, and find familiarity and comfort with your company’s brand.

Learning Management

With Wisetail’s LMS, learning management is a breeze for admins. You can easily make great learning content without any programming skills, and our blended learning features streamline in-person training. The best LMS makes things simple for their admins.

Social Functionality

When learners discuss, collaborate, and engage with one enough, they grow as people and employees. And as individuals grow, companies grow. Wisetail’s LMS feels like a familiar social media site. They can comment, rate, and explore training with their colleagues for an experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Course Authoring

Course creation is the lifeblood for any LMS. After all, an LMS is only as successful as the courses in it. Creating courses in Wisetail’s LMS is both easy and fun. Check out how our course authoring tools power your great place to work.


Communication makes Wisetail’s LMS really shine. Our entire LMS is designed with one idea in mind —how can we train a passionate workforce while actively encouraging open communication? Check out how our LMS builds your company’s culture and community!

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