We Know Franchises

Wisetail helps growing operations engage employees and maintain brand consistency.


Training Consistency

Provide your entire franchise network with high-quality training content so you can ensure a consistently great customer experience at every location.


Build Your Brand

Wisetail is designed to reflect your unique brand, making it easier for your users to identify with the LMS and foster a culture of learning across corporate and franchise locations.


Support Rapid Growth

Wisetail helps you scale as fast as you want. Cut time to productivity for new hires by 40%, standardize in-person training, support new locations, and maintain your culture with social and communication tools.

An LMS for Franchises

We’ve worked with successful franchises from the beginning of Wisetail. Their feedback influenced how our product grew, so we can solve the challenges unique to franchise organizations.

Wisetail LMS supports franchise locations all over the world.

“We now have that nimble, customer-centric solution that will grow alongside our business. We know that when we pick up the phone, there isn’t just another CSR on the other end. There’s someone who knows our business and has been with us every step of the way.”

Kelly SaundersDirector of Training at Smashburger

Standardize Training

Wisetail helps you deliver a consistently great customer experience by delivering the same high-quality training to all employees—corporate and franchise.

Scale Growth

Control your growth with minimal operational headaches. Our system streamlines employee onboarding and new location openings.

The Wisetail LMS for franchises displays a picture of an LMS on an iPhone.

Sell More Franchise Units

Our scalable franchise management tool supports growth from 2-200 units while fueling the individual units throughout the cycle.

Reporting & Analytics

Wisetail lets you get granular. Track aggregate data, let franchisees pull reports on their teams—anything you need to best run your franchise operation.

Wisetail LMS for franchise helps fitness companies succeed.

“It’s no joke the biggest improvement we’ve made in our business model, in my humble opinion, in a couple of decades.”

Allison StabileDirector of Marketing at Jazzercise

Benefits of Wisetail’s Franchise LMS

Social Communication

Wisetail’s social tools connect users from every corner of your organization. Drive engagement and empower your passionate workforce.

Rapid Deployment

Our intuitive admin tools streamline the management of your LMS. Push company updates to the entire platform in a single step.

Mobile & Responsive

Your users can use their preferred device to access the information they need to perform their jobs.

Direct Line to Corporate

Wisetail opens a direct line of communication between corporate and franchisees.

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Jamba Juice used Wisetail to save $5.2 million in labor costs through reduced onboarding time.

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Einstein Bagels Bros and Caribou Coffee Case Study

Merging two companies always presents a big challenge. Einstein Bagels Bros and Caribou Coffee overcame that challenge by using their LMS to engage team members at every level.

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