The LXP For Franchise Success

Wisetail helps growing operations save time & money while maintaining consistency & oversight over across all locations.

Wisetail LMS franchise client, Great Harvest Co., displays their LMS alongside their baked goods.


Brand Consistency

Provide your entire franchise network with high-quality, consistent training content so every location provides a uniformly great customer experience and maintains brand excellency across the network.


Franchise Adoption

Manage effective LXP roll-out by using audience segmentation to ensure accurate information and communications are shared in a timely manner with the correct audiences in your expanding business.

Features For Franchise


Rapid Growth

Wisetail helps you scale as fast as you want. Cut time to productivity for new hires by 40%, standardize in-person training, support new location openings, and maintain your culture with social and communication tools.

A Franchise Learning Platform

We’ve worked with successful established and rapidly expanding franchises since the beginning of Wisetail. By incorporating feedback from their real-world use cases into our product, we know we solve the unique challenges that franchise organizations face.

Wisetail LMS supports franchise locations all over the world.

“As retail and restaurant franchises seek to achieve their potential and build teams that last, the most successful are the ones making room in their frontline employee’s schedule for training and democratizing access to learning & development through company-wide learning management solutions.”

Sarah GreesonbachHR & Learning & Development Writer
The Secret To Franchise Acceleration

Operational Efficiencies

Digitize daily operations with Wisetail Daily Checklists and see improved oversight across all locations, operational efficiency, and storage cost & paper usage savings.

Universal Accessibility

Ensure your training is understood by all who access it when you add our Multi-Language Tool to your LXP. Whether you’re growing locally or globally, don’t let language limit your reach.

Learning & Operations
The Wisetail LMS for franchises displays a picture of an LMS on an iPhone.

Franchise Owner Training

Our scalable franchise management tool supports growth from 2-200 units. Leverage the LXP to train new owners from initial contract signing through new location opening, provision of marketing assets, and the hiring staff & onboarding process.

Reporting & Tracking

Wisetail lets you keep track of your franchise and corporate network.  Create reporting rules for HQ, regional or single location owners, or, schedule key reports to help you seamlessly run your franchise operation.

Wisetail LMS for franchise helps fitness companies succeed.

“It’s no joke the biggest improvement we’ve made in our business model, in my humble opinion, in a couple of decades.”

Allison StabileDirector of Marketing at Jazzercise

A Few Benefits of Wisetail’s Franchise LXP

Employee Engagement

Wisetail’s social tools let you connect employees and owners from every corner of your organization – or segmented audiences, depending on business need. Drive engagement, with sharing and communication that empower a passionate workforce.

Rapid Implementation

Wisetail has the implementation support to meet your roll-out objectives. Our intuitive admin tools make managing your LXP a breeze, so you can focus on franchise deployment and feedback rather than a confusing administration processes. 

Anywhere, Anytime

We know training may have to fit in between shifts, during slower times, or take place on a variety of devices. Our responsive tool is designed to work how you work, so users can access the information they need, when they need it.

Direct Line to Corporate

Leverage Wisetail communication, operation, and reporting tools to open a direct line between corporate and franchisees. Establish roles and audiences to establish better information sharing, oversight, and timely responses with your network. 

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Jamba Juice used Wisetail to save $5.2 million in labor costs through reduced onboarding time.

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